Welcome to Victoria’s premier horse and rider training facility. We focus on educating riders to be more effective trainers using learning theory.

Success comes where knowledge begins!  Have your horsey friend started the right way with our step by step approach to starting youngsters. Every horse deserves a chance at becoming quiet and confident.


Dressage and Jumping Training. Whether there’s something you need help working through, a new goal (flying changes anyone?) or a holiday bootcamp, we will ensure you look forward to riding again!

Achieving maximum performance is even more possible when it’s done right and even better – your horse will be enjoying themselves along the journey.

Basic and Advanced In-hand Training. Everyone knows how important groundwork is but there are so many variations to choose from. Follow our system which caters from foal handling right up to the most advanced dressage movements. There’s nothing quite like watching your partner grasp the first steps of piaffe. Even better is learning to train it!


Our methods are evidence-based and all of our trainers hold a diploma of equitation science. We love understanding the real reasons behind why horses do as they do especially when it comes to problem behaviours. We have a number of ethical techniques to solve common problems. Think of training this way: is your horse pushy and arrogant?  Or has he just not had knowledge to be relaxed and stand still?

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